At Burwood Church we love to connect! Our groups are where you can meet new friends, have fun, and grow in your relationship with Jesus. Find a group below that interests you. All are welcome.

Semester One 2024

11 February – 29 June


Group Leader: Marilyn Skupek

Group Location: Burwood Church Foyer

Group Time: Monthly
(3rd Sunday of the month)
Feb 18, Mar 17, Apr 21, May 19, Jun 16

Why Join? To chat, make friends, show off your craft and see what others are making (and eat of course). Bring along a project you’re working on, or just come along and we’ll find something for you to do.

Clean Up Australia

Group Leader: Fraser Catton

Group Time: Feb 11 – Brushy Creek Trail, Mooroolbark
Apr 21 – Ferny Creek Trail in Knox
May 26 – Dandenong Creek Trail, Bayswater
Jun 23 – Jells Park, Wheelers Hill

Why Join? Have you ever gone for a walk in your local park or waterway and noticed too much
rubbish? That’s not the way God intended it and, as the ones he asked to look after the earth, we can do something about it. So come along and make a difference. We will be teaming up with Clean Up Australia and spend a few hours on a Sunday to pick up rubbish, collate it, report it and get rid of it. We’ll include a BBQ or two as well on the good weather days!

Our House

Group Leaders: Casey, Vaish, Laura-Jane

Group Location: Various (Eastern Melbourne)

Group Time: Fortnightly (specific night of the week TBC)

Why Join? Come along for a meal and time of worship/ music. Our aim is to build deeper connections with each other and with Jesus.

Prayer Group

Group Leader: Elizabeth Allen

Group Location: Online (Zoom)

Zoom Link: Click Here

Group Time: Wednesdays from 7 – 7:30pm

Why Join? The importance of prayer cannot be overstated. This group is simple: we meet and pray. Join us as we lift our church and community to Christ.


Group Leader: Bjay Hoffman

Discussion Group: Hanging out and unpacking the sermon on Saturdays from 11:30-12:30 in the youth room.

Follow Us: @burwoodyouth

Socials: Various socials throughout the year including our annual competitive pastor cup tournament (mini golf).

Why Join? Come along to connect with other young people and grow your faith. Let us know if you’re interested and we’ll update you along the way. And follow our instagram for upcoming socials too.

Croydon Soup Kitchen

Group Leader: Judith Mamora

Group Location: Croydon

Group Time:
Third Saturday of each month from 4:00pm – 7:00pm

Why Join? Everyone who joins the Croydon Soup Kitchen group will find an opportunity to serve in some way. You can be in the kitchen preparing and cleaning up or sit and socialise with the guests. We will find a place for you to serve.

Croydon Soup Kitchen Prep

Group Leader: Judith Mamora

Group Location: Burwood Church Kitchen

Group Time: Third Saturday of each month from 11:30am-1:30pm

Why Join? If you would like to help the community and prefer to serve behind the scenes, then cooking for the Croydon Soup Kitchen may be for you. Come prepared to peel, chop, mix, fry, and have a chat. 

The Chosen

Group Leader: Kim Moffitt & Sherrie Courtney

Group Location: Sherrie’s Home (Blackburn)

Group Time: First Saturday of each month beginning with lunch

Why Join? Bring a plate to share for lunch followed by an episode of The Chosen and discussion time afterwards.

Munch & Mumble

Group Leaders: Fraser & Julie Catton

Group Location: Catton’s Home (Mooroolbark)

Group Time:
Mar 23 Sabbath lunch
Apr 13 Sabbath lunch
May 4 Sabbath lunch
Jun 2 Sunday brunch
Jun 22 Sabbath lunch

Why Join? Jesus spent a lot of time eating with people so this group is going to follow his example! We will be doing a monthly slow meal together where we eat, laugh and talk about life and following Jesus.

Prayer Chain

Group Leader: Lani Edwards

Group Location: Wherever you are (see below)

Why Join? We want to cover our church community with prayer this semester. People will submit prayer requests to the group leader, who will pass them on down the prayer chain. If you’re in the group, your job is to pray when you receive a prayer message, and then pass it onto the next person on the chain. All you need is a mobile phone, to receive the message. It’s a group for anyone – if you’re new to prayer this is a great way to start praying, and if you’re a real prayer warrior this is definitely somewhere to be. However, no experience required, just a willingness to talk to God on behalf of others.

10,000 Steps

Group Leader: Judith Mamora

Group Location: Online & Anytime

Why Join? Hit your 10,000 steps daily with this online group. Stay motivated as we cheer one another on to meet daily step targets and other exercise activities, all contributing to our overall team goal. Receive regular motivational messages and be part of the team via a WhatsApp group. This online group is for all ages and abilities, with occasional meet ups to walk together “in real life”. All you need is a phone or smartwatch to capture your steps.

Duolingo Language Learners

Group Leader: Brad Martin

Learn a Language: Choose a language and let’s learn together on the Duolingo App. All languages and levels are welcome. Learn at your own pace and we’ll encourage each other along the way.

Cultural Events: We will also organize some meet-ups relating to the languages that we’re learning. For example, if one of us is learning French we might
go to a French restaurant or festival.

Why Join? To connect with others who are learning a language, to be encouraged as you learn, and to have fun along the way.

Mums at the Table

Group Leaders: Tash Macko, Nadia Charleson & Kylie Smith along with the leadership team from Nunawading Church

Facebook Group: Click Here

About: An online community of mums (Facebook) where you’ll have opportunities to connect with local women going through the same motherhood journey. Plus, opportunities to join in-person events throughout the year.

Why Join? Find acceptance, feel confident and get the support you deserve. It doesn’t matter if you’re a soon-to-be mum, first-time mum, adoptive mum, stepmum or any type of mum, you are welcome.

Refugee Sponsorship Group

(Continuing from 2023)

Group Leader: Warwick Hailey

About: This group is partnering with Community Refugee Sponsorship Australia (CRSA) to support a refugee family as they resettle here in Melbourne. They will be supporting them with needs such as accommodation, paperwork, employment, making friends, and more.
Find out more about CRSA Here.

Needs for 2024: The support group for our first refugee family has already been formed. When they arrive in Australia there will be ongoing opportunities to help. If you would like to help or be part of a future refugee sponsorship group, please
let us know.

Can we answer your questions?

What are Burwood Groups?

Burwood Groups are small gatherings of people who meet regularly around a common interest or activity.

Why do they exist?

They exist for many reasons, such as meeting new friends, learning new skills, growing closer to God, or making a difference in the community.

Who can join?

Anyone can join a group. You don’t have to have any affiliation with a church or know others in a particular group. If it interests you, it’s for you!

When do groups run?

There are two group semesters per year. Semesters one goes from February 11 to June 29.

Groups that meet weekly will be meeting every week during these dates (with a 2 week break over the school holidays). Other groups run fortnightly or monthly. See group descriptions for details.

Where do groups meet?

The groups meet in a variety of locations throughout Melbourne. Some meet outdoors, others meet at our church building or in the homes of those who lead them, and some gather online.

Sign up to a group

To sign up to a Burwood Group simply fill in the form on this page. You are welcome to join more than one group. Soon after signing up you will be contacted by your group leader who will provide you with any additional information that you need.

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